This is the Power of Silence

Everything is energy – our thoughts are energy; our feelings are also energy as are our intentions. We are pure energy connected with the Universe.

That is why is so important to watch and pray. When you pray, you are connecting your energy with the superior power and when you watch, you help to elevate the energy around you, producing good vibes and waves that are vital for our progress.

Most people do not know but before we enter a room our energy gets there first. You do not need to say a word – the person in the room will sense you before you express yourself.
Speaking about words… have you realised how challenging is to exercise the Law of Silence? Why do we have to be the ones to speak last? Why our opinion is always more important and better than others?

If you want to find inner peace and elevate your energy you must learn how to practice the Law of Silence. I know it is hard to be quiet. It is almost impossible to listen to others, even harder to pay attention to them and be quiet. Fortunately, we are able to be quiet and calm, but first, we need to dribble our EGO.

The EGO represents the most primitives believes; it challenges us to do what is right to us and unfortunately, we succumb to it most of the times. Why would we do that? Well, there is a powerful combination of fear and beliefs.

When we believe we know better; we are superior, and always right, we feel good about ourselves. We feel special and unique. Therefore, in our heads and our hearts, we believe that people will respect us and consequently people will love us. All we want is to be accepted, loved, and have that feeling of belonging.

If we go against these feelings the fear comes up to reinforce the beliefs. They are like a team of forces to ensure we will not challenge them, so we will never be at a disadvantage, or will never look stupid or ignorant. It makes sure to reinforce those beliefs to keep us feeling unique and superior.

How do we break this cycle? Practising the Law of Silence and taking on arguments or discussions when there is a real need for law and order, as we live in a society. Apart from that, our opinion or point of view is not better or worse than others. We should learn how to respect other’s opinion and stop trying to impose our ideas. “My freedom ends where yours begins”.

Besides every time you challenge this pair, you become stronger and your energy levels calm down, and your energy levels elevate and little by little you start feeling good about yourself. Regardless of whether you were wrong or right. It does not matter.
The Law of Silence makes us practice patience, selflessness, which contributes to our progress. This process will trigger calmness, positive thoughts, self-knowledge, and generosity & kindness.

We must keep in mind we are here to learn, to progress and to evolve. Are we going to learn everything at once? Of course not. If you believe you will trust me there must be a feeling generated by the EGO & the FEAR. This pair is powerful but believe me, you are more powerful than anything. You can do it – do not give up! Practice, practice, practice…

The benefits of it are immense. Remember that we attract what we give. If we give good and positive vibes, that is what we will get back. Also, energy is our path. The way you feel, the energy you produce will bring you to a certain path, a certain place.
Being quiet and humble will help us to build a better future. It will bring us to a better place.

“A seed grows with no sound, but a tree falls with a huge noise. Destruction has noise, but creation is quiet. This is the power of silence. Grow Silently” -Confucius (551–479 BC)

What future are you creating for yourself?

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